Cao Ba Minh was born in Hai Duong, Vietnam in 1942. Minh evacuated as a young boy to South Vietnam when warfare led to the partitioning of the country. In 1976, he began a career in journalism in the city of Saigon. He subsequently developed an intense interest in the visual arts, and at the age of 27 followed his calling as a painter. Cao Bá Minh arrived in the United States as a refugee in 1991. Most recently, the artist has participated in academic discussions sponsored by the Rockefeller Institute on the cultural consequences of oppression and violence, in the context of artistic expression. Minh’s paintings are held in collections worldwide, including the Vietnam Veteran Art Museum in Chicago, the Institute Francais and the German Institute, both in Saigon, Vietnam. The artist currently resides in Orange County, California. 

"This portrait, this face of monstrosities, is a vehicle to expose the kind of wickedness that the human soul can create and, in turn, suffer."

-Cao Bá Minh